Family Quills

 Malcolm Franks (Grandfather)
 Draftsman for MD, musician, Artist (see art at right)

 Bette Bach Fineman (Mother)
 Pilot, Editor, Artist, Author of "Patterns: Tales of Flying and Life"

 Jonathan Fineman (Step-Father)
 Pilot, A&P Mechanic, Engineer, Advisor

 Curtis Roy (Son)
 Photographer, VW Enthusiast, Musician, Metalsmith, Welder, Autocad Designer

 Adam Roy (Son)
Real Estate Broker Student, Property Manager, Uber Driver

 Kristelle Sim (Big Sister)
 Life Coach-Free Range Coaching, Writer/Blogger/Editor , Shaklee Senior Exec Coordinator

 Robert Bach (Big Brother)
 Commercial and General Aviation Pilot, Builder, Inventor, Artist, Writer

 James Bach (Brother)
 Software Testing Guru, Philosopher, Author of newly released "Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar"
http://www.buccaneerscholar.com, http://www.satisfice.com

 Lenore Bach (Sister-in-Law)
 Gemster, Jewelry Maker, Business Manager for Satisfice Inc.

 Jonathan Bach (Brother)
 Software Testing Guru, Writer, SuperThinker, Author of 'Above the Clouds',

 Michelle Bach (Sister-in-Law)
 Interior Designer, Artist/Craftsperson, Super Mom

 ......and Richard Bach (Father)
 Pilot, Author...latest release "Illusions II" 



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