Family Quills




Family Quills

 Malcolm Franks (Grandfather)
 Draftsman for McD Douglas, musician, Artist (see art at right)

 Bette Bach Fineman (Mother)
 Pilot, Editor, Artist, Author of "Patterns: Tales of Flying and Life"

 Jonathan Fineman (Step-Father, in memory)
 Pilot, A&P Mechanic, IBM Engineer

 Curtis Roy (Son)
 Photographer, Motors Enthusiast, Musician, Metalsmith, Welder, Autocad Designer for Boeing

 Adam Roy (Son)
Real Estate/Property Manager, Gamester

 Kristelle Sim (Sister)
 Life Coach-Free Range Coaching, Writer/Blogger/Editor, Publishing Dir. for Bhakti Marga Ashram


 Robert Bach (Brother)
 Commercial (American Air) and General Aviation Pilot and CFI, Builder, Inventor, Artist, Photographer, Writer

 James Bach (Brother)
 Software Testing Guru, Philosopher, Writer and Author of "Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar" among others
http://www.buccaneerscholar.com, Founder of Satisfice Inc http://www.satisfice.com

 Jonathan Bach (Brother)
 Software Testing Expert, Writer and Author of 'Above the Clouds',
Blog, Software Quality for eBay Inc

 ......and Richard Bach (Father)
 Pilot, Author




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