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These are my interpretations of photographs I took in August 2009. Some will be interpreted into sketches soon, they have asked to be drawn, and held very still so I could snap a glimpse of their very busy day...

Pine bough at Rosario

A pine bough who had the toughest time with choosing its best side

Apparently I chose the best portion of its best side, approval granted.

Rosario Fern

Many ferns wanted charicatures

Ferny thinks it wasn't the best drawing she has seen. Wishes for a second sitting.

Wheat grass on beach

These three grasses were very close friends, and good Bridge players

Many rocks were left out, hope their agents don't notice

Tree at Rosario Resort

A bit scraggly, she asked I wait until she fixed some of her branches prior to photo

She clearly hoped I would give her a facelift and a thinner trunk

Durango scene

This was in my head, not sure where I had seen it before.

Rosario Resort

The view of the resort from above


These little seeds were floating by, one landed on my hand, the other was much too busy to stop.

Pine Tree

Little boughs are my most favorite things to draw

Mt Baker from Orcas Island

This view can be seen from the ferry boat


A sketch from The Tree book

Mountain Lake

Another scene from my thoughts

Chair overlooking boats

Bench at Rosario

"No one ever sits here", this bench felt under-utlized


Ferny was very bored, but I liked his rock friends

Mugo pine I think

She didn't like being brushed upon by passer-bys

Lovely grouping of plants

They were so into their own conversations, they was unaware of my photo taking

Rosario Harbor

So quiet here at this moment

Daisy at Rosario

This little one was all alone, and was very enthusiastic about the photo

Need to find the name for this bush, starts with a P I think

This group struggled to hold still, far too excited about the photo op

Rosario Harbor a bit later

Still quiet except for the grasses calling for their pictures behind me


This group was very anxious and overly enthusiatic about the photo, no one had ever taken their picture

Lacey weeds

This was their first photo as well


A small section of a very large tree

Poppies at the Airport

"We love airplane noise" they said....so cute.

Ferry Landing

This pier asked for funding for some support beams

Lopez Island

This section of the island was so serene

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