My Story


Quillscapes is a product of serendipity. I have been sketching for years, sometimes the same mountain landscape over and over again. On one visit to the Northwest to see my family, one sketch for my father led me here. 

A simple sketch of a birch forest, from a photo I found in The Tree coffee table book, aligned my life with my vocation. Thinking back, trying to remember the first time I thought I could sketch things, I recalled so many moments that could have pointed me here sooner. 

"Your doodling is really good." said a friend at school.

"I like your drawing, it looks real" said a church member after I handed out a flyer with my lantern sketch on it.

"Your sketches look just like your grandfather's" said my Aunt Gloria.

"This is quite nice, could you draw something for me?" asked a friend of my mother's. 

"You are becoming quite an artist!" my mother exclaimed.

One Christmas, I didn't have the funds to send my family gifts. I realized the only gift I had to give was a sketch. I thought about each family member, one by one. I sketched something of significance to them and shipped it out, hoping they wouldn't laugh. As Christmas neared, I felt nervous. Who would like their gift? Who would exclaim, "what the heck IS this?"

The big day came, and I waited. Phone calls trickled in, first my mother, then the other sibs. All appreciated the time I took. OK, not all the drawings were that great, especially an attempt to sketch a teenager. Sorry, Oliver. 

My mother was especially pleased. Since it was her father's artwork I was most following. Not only her father's, but hers as well as she is an accomplished wildlife and pet portrait artist. It was her work that I most wanted to be like, however, the more artwork I completed , the more it matched the work of my grandfather. I wish I could have met him, to watch him sketch. The tiny grass blades, the shadow of a rock, so real and so unique to him. 

My mother gave some artistic advice, and said, keep going, you are really doing well. Those words warmed my heart and settled in for months. 

Then the trip to Seattle on August 8th, 2009. The reason? To deliver my sons back to school there, including the youngest's car. I packed some pens, and some mat boards, thinking I would have time to make some more gifts for people. 

The night before my trip to see my father, I found The Tree book, thought about my father, and selected a birch tree forest. An hour later or so, it was done. My sister liked it so much, she flipped through the book, and asked for one herself. 

So there it is, a start. A real start at sketching in Pen and Ink. 

This site will chronicle my artwork. Let's hope we can see the improvement as time goes on. If you see any sketch you relate to, let me know. 

If you want something custom or a print of what I have done already, contact me.

And don't forget your sketch book, there is always a happy plant that wants to pose! 

warmly, Erica :)


My Work

Standing next to my grandpa's artwork


My Medium

I use pen and ink, and now experimenting with adding watercolor.